Jobs for Undergraduate and Graduate Students


Supplemental Instructors/Tutors for 2016/2017 Academic Year

Deadline: March 18, 2016

Scholar's Studio offers first-time freshman interdisciplinary, problem-based learning. To support participants' development as scholars, we embed peer tutors in gateway courses. Supplemental Instructors/Tutors attend class with scholars and offer group and individual tutoring sessions outside of class. We have a strong need for Supplemental Instructors/Tutors in English and Math but are also interested in hiring tutors for other academic areas, particularly the sciences. 

Duties and Expectations

  1. Attend class in assigned subject area with Scholar's Studio participants: take notes related to course content and assignments; assist professor (when appropriate) with handing out course materials, taking attendance, and  leading small group discussions.
  2. Offer supplemental instruction and tutoring sessions outside of class: meet students in small groups and individually to review course material, brush up on discipline-related skills, and  discuss research and study strategies. 
  3. Complete administrative duties: document attendance during supplemental instruction and tutoring sessions; complete bi-weekly time sheet; submit weekly plan to supplemental instruction manager; administer mid-semester survey to SI and tutoring participants.
  4. Build professional relationship with faculty and Scholar's Studio participants: maintain an open line of communication with faculty; provide students with a weekly supplemental instruction agenda; maintain consistent contact with students in person and electronically.
  5. Attend 2-day mandatory training session (held at the end of August) and monthly meetings with SI manager.


  1. Earned A or B in courses related to supplemental instruction/tutoring content area.
  2. 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA.
  3. Undergraduate with 30 or more credit hours OR graduate student.
  4. Strong interpersonal skills.


  1. Pay rate: $12/hour for undergraduates; $15/hour for graduate students
  2. Hours: Supplemental Instructors and Tutors commit 8-20 hours/week. Weekly hours are determined by tutor's availability and program's need.
  3. Contract length: contracts are awarded on a semester-to-semester basis. Renewal is dependent on job performance and program needs. Expect to begin employment during the first week of the semester. 

Application Process

  1. Submit electronic application.
  2. Email resume and unofficial transcripts to
  3. Share electronic recommendation form link with a faculty or staff member who knows you well enough to assess your academic and leadership ability.
  4. We expect to make final hiring decisions by the second week of April.


For more information, contact Lisa Nardi, Assistant Director of Scholar's Studio: or (301)860-3297