Our Work

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Scholars Studio works with faculty and students to create fulfilling and engaging learning experiences. We have three main offerings in our suite of programs:

Scholars Studio: integrated, interdisciplinary learning communities for first and second year students.

Bulldog Scholars Academy: a six-week residential experience for incoming freshmen. Participants enroll in two courses linked around a particular topic or theme.

Faculty Think Tank: a communal space for faculty to build, explore and reflect on teaching and learning experiences in Scholars Studio. 

Here's how Scholars Studio works:

  • During the academic year, participants enroll in a Studio that generally consists of 2-4 courses, plus 1-3 traditional courses, not associated with the Studio. Summer participants enroll in two linked courses.
  • Courses are linked through a project, topic, or theme. Faculty in one class may pick up a discussion from another class, or all classes in the studio may explore different aspects of a similar topic. Integrating courses helps students see how disciplines are related. 
  • Courses in the studio provide an academically rich curriculum. Faculty teach the same material that they would in a traditional course; however, Scholars Studio hand-selects faculty who are committed to meeting students where they are and providing engaging learning experiences.
  • Students participate in co-curricular activities, which include off-campus trips and visits with professionals. These experiences provide context for course content. 
  • Students are valued members of a community. They are provided opportunities to work together in class and encouraged to support one another outside of class.