What is Scholars Studio?

Each community or "studio" brings together 2-4 courses to explore a topic or theme. You enroll in ALL of the courses associated with the studio. Faculty work together to help you build community and draw connections across disciplines. Learning is contextualized with off-campus trips. We have traveled all over the east coast, from the CIAA Mental Health Symposium in North Carolina to the Hip Hop Archive at Harvard University in Massachusetts. 

Who qualifies for Scholars Studio?

Scholars Studio is open to all first-year students. Speak with an advisor to determine if the courses in the selected studio work with your major.

How do I register?

Contact us at scholarsstudio@bowiestate.edu for registration information.

If each studio has 2-4 courses, will I earn enough credits to stay of track for a timely graduation?

Yes! We recommend that you take 15 credits in your first semester. To maintain your credit load, you will take courses that are not associated with Scholars Studio.

Do Scholar's Studio courses count toward graduation? 

Absolutely! Most courses in the community fulfill general education requirements. We recommend consulting with your advisor before registering for courses.

How much does Scholars Studio cost?

There is no additional cost associated with Scholar's Studio. We pay for all co-curricular experiences and community events.