fall 2017 Studios

(1) Thick & Hard: Societal Expectations for Strength and Beauty

This community addresses the ideal of perfection. You will explore a variety of questions, including: how do we form our identities? How do we interact with standards of perfection? What is a man? What is a woman? And, how do societal standards impact our bodies and minds? You will engage in group discussions; interview your peers; and express your findings through a variety of creative and academic outlets. 

SOCI 101, Prof. Arelia Johnson

PSYC 101, Dr. Aquilla Mitchell

FRSE 101, Ms. Turner or Dr. Davis

(2)  Dreams & Conflicts: Black Visual Culture—Responding to Black Art, Movies, and Videos

This learning community will help you think critically about the influence of black visual culture and the influences of politics, music, theatre, and dance on black art and moving images. In addition to posting reviews and developing in-class presentations about our experiences with black visual culture, you will explore and express your own dreams and conflicts. The community will interact with experts in the field and watch movies and videos on a weekly basis. 

ENGL 101, Dr. Monifa Love

COMM 101, Prof. Maurice Robinson


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(3)  Be Your Own Boss (for TRiO Achievers)

Whether you’re hoping to become a boss of a company or the boss of your own life, it takes hard work, determination, and a whole lot of support to get there. Join us to learn the communication, strategic, and professional skills needed to live your dream.

COMM 101, Prof. Maurice Robinson

FRSE 101, Ms. Marilyn O’Brien