spring 2018 Studios

(1) Smash: Let's Talk about Sex

Sexuality is an important aspect of our identity, yet we barely talk about it.  Join us to learn about the anatomy, physical function, and sociological paradigms of sex—and yes, engage in those messy conversations that are absent in many spheres.

SOCI 101-002 (1568), M/W, 10:00-11:20, Prof. Arelia Johnson

HEED 200-006 (2774), M/W, 12:00-1:20, Dr. Winona Taylor


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(3)  Ignite the Voice Within

Ignite the Voice Within will explore the intellectual, spiritual, psychological, rhetorical, and creative skills that allow us to tell our stories, transform our circumstances, and achieve our rightful brilliance and necessary balance. Partnering with experts in the field of music, communications, counseling, movement, mindfulness, community action, and writing, we will create, Voices with a Mission, a digital book of words, beats, images, and life.

ENGL 102-015 (2052), T/Th, 11:00-12:15,  Dr. Monifa Love

PSYC 101-102 (2735),T/Th, 5:00-6:20,  Dr. Aquila Mitchell