Spring 2019 Studios

Scholars Studio

Scholars Studio offers
interdisciplinary learning
communities for first and
second-year students. Learn
more about how Scholars
Studio works here.



This fall students will explore how life and ideas evolve.

Courses: BIOL 101, Tyesha Burks; ENGL 101, Monifa Love

Honors Studio

This Studio is reserved for Honors students. Scholars will explore how ideas are translated from text to film and other media.

Courses: ENGL 101, Shakil Rabbi; HUMA 201 & FRSE 101, Monica Gross

TRIO Achievers Studio

This Studio is reserved exclusively for TRIO Achievers. Scholars will explore the many ways that people work together to make change.

Courses: FRSE 101, Patience Amankwa; Math 99; ENGL 101, Ada Vilageliu-Diaz